Monday, March 16, 2009

Remember what it feels like to be an athlete?

I did, this weekend. I had forgotten how good that feels. Friday I met Tim and Tammie and we took off on a 13.3 mile run that included the absolute worst hills in Manchester - those of Country Club all the way to the Laurel Crown Rd. I knew about the hills because one of my best friends grew up on that road. Tim and Tammie did not, and took off down that way, but I am not one to argue when I can barely breath in the first place. I just sucked it up and hammered up them, too. My only saving grace was that I promised myself that when we got back close to my car, I was bailing. As in done, stick a fork in me, going home. We got back to the rec center around 9 miles, though, and they wouldn't hear of it. They just kept on, so I finally slammed back a Gu Roctane and took off for 4 more miles. Have you tried the Gu Roctane? Peeps, the stuff works. I cannot even tell you how dead my legs were when we took off running again, but after about 2 miles I felt a burst of energy that even had me picking up the pace. It's good stuff - it will be my gel of choice from here on out.

Saturday...well, all the baseball games were cancelled this weekend. And since I had stayed up half the night Friday night packing things and getting ready for a tournament in the cold and rain, I sorta slept till noon on Saturday. It was the first time I've done that, probably college. Bo finally jumped on the bed and said, "Uh, Mom, are you just gonna lay in the bed all day?!" I took the hint and finally got up and about. The rest was nice, though, and much appreciated by my legs. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, cooking, and playing Guitar Hero. Oh yeah, one more thing...I decided to do the Gulf Coast Triathlon - a half ironman 7 weeks from now. I've put off the decision long enough, and I hesitated to even consider it seriously because it's not a cheap trip, but with a little bit of creativity I think I can get down there, rock it out as best as I can on 7 weeks of training, have some intoxicating beverages on the beach, and then ride my little hybrid back in pure 2009 Recession fashion. Because I just need a goal. My goal is to follow the Trifuel Half Iron plan as closely as possible starting at week 14 (ouch!) and not to stress when I need to miss a workout for family obligations or baseball games. It may not be a GCT PR, but it'll be fun and hopefully we can get a crew down there to support Tim, who will be doing GCT for the first time. He will no doubt set the course on fire.

Considering I finally have a goal, guess what I did Sunday? I rode my bike! Outside! 35 miles!! Then I had a strawberry banana protein smoothie, made with frozen strawberries and bananas that I had prepared and frozen myself. I threw a little bit of yogurt, milk and protein powder in it and it was wonderful. I felt wonderful, an athlete again. I felt the adrenaline when I hammered up the Noah hill. I felt the passion when I had the wind at my bike. I felt the fire inside when I hit the wind head on.

You can take a girl out of the races, but you can't take the racing out of the girl. Dixie...honky's all the same.

Tim, Tammie and I hammered out 6 miles this morning at 4 a.m., and then I lifted weights and did core work for over an hour.

And that all leads to the Final Fifteen. Which is coming right along. Even though I haven't weighed lately, my mind is slowly getting on board. There are a few absolutes: I can't eat ice cream; I can't eat refined sugar. They just don't work for my body. What does work is steady, consistent good choices. Carrots instead of chips. Blueberries instead of chocolate. Yogurt intead of ice cream. Green tea instead of dessert. I haven't weighed yet this week...I'll report it when I do.

And finally...the best Daddy in the world turned 58 years old last Thursday, March 12:

Happy Birthday, Flash!


The Tri Runner said...

Good Luck at the Gulf Coast Triathlon.

Chloe said...

Awesome! Gulf Coast is such a great race. We have a sweet realy team called 'buff bitches'. Ha!
But the race is pretty much in my back yard! Let me know if you need a place to stay. Seriously. We have an extra room - and the race is 20 min from my house. Send me an e-mail -

laryssa said...

Yay, you decided to do the HIM! All the best to ya...I'm sure you'll rock it out!

I'm a Gu fanatic & tried the Roctane for the first time this weekend on my 18-mile run. It is definitely THA-DEAL!

Ron said...

Those hills had to be killers. When I go up them in my car whoever is on the radio gets short of breath.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the workouts and eating too. Way to sign up for a half ironman! I too am ready to get back on track. I need to try the GU.

Keep up the good work Lana.

Missy said...

Yay, happy birthday daddy! I remember him so clearly from Florida...grabbing my arm at the finish with a camera in my face - you're one of Lana's friends, right? So sweet!

Have fun at GCT, I'm so bummed that I'm missing it this year. Always a blast...maybe next year. You gotta hold up our TN tradition. It's on your shoulders;)

Borsch said...

What a great weekend! I felt the exact same way!

Have fun jumping into week 14....ouch!

triguyjt said...

I love that Roctaine stuff...
gotta write a post on it sometime.....goooooooood real goooooood.

props to your pop!!

Tilghman Carroll said...

Yay for GC! I am doing it too...let me know if you need a place to's just little ol' me in my room right now and am looking for someone to share some costs!

My Life & Running said...

Just catching up with the GCT news... yay for you! It sounds like you are keeping a balanced head with the training and family time too!!

Now off to find me some Gu Roctane... :)