Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out with the Final 15: Day 2 Numbers & Pizza Attack

Breakfast Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Kashi Heart-to-Heart
Instant Oatmeal
160 2 33 4
Orange, 1 large 86 0 22 2
Lunch Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Charlie's Tuna Lunch Kit
(lowfat tuna salad w/crackers)
210 7 17 20
Earthbound Farms Organic
mixed baby green salad, 2 cups
15 0 4 1
Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Grapes, 1 cup 96 0 25 1
Frigo Light String
Cheese, 1 oz
60 3 0 8
Dinner Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Earthbound Farms Organic
mixed baby green salad, 2 cups
15 0 4 1
Fat Free Balsamic
2 tbsp
10 0 2 0
Weight Watcher Smart
Ones Angel Hair Marinara
230 4 40 9
Asparagus, fresh, 1 cup 31 0 6 3
Pizza, cheese, frozen, 1
serving (1/6th of frozen pizza)
361 12 46 17
Dessert Calories Fat Carbs Protein

Total 1264 28 196 66

Notice the dinner item in red print.

Everything went well early on yesterday - I did leg weights, the squat rack, the pull up machine, and back extensions before going to Leslie's spin class at 5:30 a.m. Came home and got the kids and myself out the door, but I just didn't have time to fix those egg beaters. So breakfast ended up short on protein, but I was full. Lunch went well - I loved the tuna salad lunch kit and I was thrilled with the amount of protein in it. I'll admit I was very ready for that afternoon snack, though, after a couple of hours. Got home from work, picked up Bo at swim team, went home and felt hungry. Bo was begging for pizza, so I put him a frozen pizza in the oven and turned on my Flexible Warrior yoga DVD. I did 30 minutes of yoga to take my mind off of being hungry because I really feel like that is a mental thing with me. I walk in the door, and I'm automatically hungry. After the yoga, I gave Bo his pizza and fixed my salad, asparagus, and my angel hair marinara(this had vegetables in it, too). It was good, and I was cool with not partaking in the pizza (just in case you don't know...I could eat pizza every day for lunch and every night for dinner. I love it.) Briar got home from baseball and ate his share of pizza about an hour later, and I went to clean the kitchen. I was hungry, though. Still hungry. Staring at the pizza. I thought I had gotten in everything I needed, short of some low calorie dessert. In the end, the pizza won over. There was one piece left, and I ate it. I figured I had totally blown the days calories, but after I entered everything and totalled them wonder I was hungry. I still didn't hit 1300.

So...lessons learned:

1) Maybe eat more calories for breakfast and lunch so you won't be so hungry for dinner.
2) More protein for breakfast, especially when I work out in the a.m.
3) Dispose of the pizza immediately - or have the kids to do it - once everyone else has eaten.

Feel free to add your thoughts...I really appreciate all the advice you guys are giving me. And don't be afraid to offend's almost impossible to do that. :)


Missy said...

I don't know what kind of new fangled clean livin you're tryin out but it makes me hungry just reading what you've had for the day. I'd still feel hungry too. BUT I do love food and I could live on Pizza and Mexican - mmm cheesy.

Lauren said...

Maybe a mid-morning snack would help?

I eat breakfast (6), Snack (9), Lunch (12), Snack (3), Dinner (6-7)

My morning snack is usually an apple dipped in peanut butter. My afternoon snack is usually 1% Cottage Cheese & Pineapple Tidbits.

My oatmeal has protein (I eat Quaker's Weight Control in Banana Bread, 7 grams of protein). Husband adds a scoop of protein to his (Muscle Milk Lite in Dark Chocolate) + a tbsp of PB. If he's got a 'long morning' (meetings, no breaks) he adds a glass of milk to go with it.

Jill said...

Much better than Day 1!! And, it's ok to have the pizza. You cannot totally give up what you love.

So, mahybe this weekend, make yourself a batch of eggbeaters and buy some soy breakfast links. That would be a great breakfast item...with LOTS of protein. And you wouldn't be so hungry. Also, try some PB once in a is really good for you...

I look forward to your daily posts now and am right there with you...except for the tortilla chips I just got from the burrito place.'s ok to cheat!

Hang in there...PS What's the Mr think about all this dieting??

greyhound said...

Better and better. Try fit day like I mentioned and include your workouts like spin class and weights so you get a better picture of what exactly you're burning.

Me? I've got to find a better way to get healthy breakfast calories before the morning workout.

SC's Adventures said...

Hi Lana, Your doing great but your making me hungry!

I'm also trying to loose a bit of weight but my target is your starting point! Only 1 kg to go for me though!

I have a guy helping me with my nutrition. I'll post an example on my blog but the important thing for me is not to eat lots of carbs in the evening, just a bowl of museli before bed if I have a work out in the morning (Most mornings!). Also, if I'm good Monday to Friday I'm allowed 2 naughty meals at the weekend. Oh how I look forward to them!

Keep up the good work, we are all with you!

Ron said...

All that's good for one meal. What did you eat the rest of the day? You're doing great.

Ryan said...

You are insane for eating that pizza. I am on a calorie restriction right now and anything that is 1/6th and is 360 calories is out. Hell I would rather eat 7 rice cakes with a spoonful of PB than one slice of cheap pizza...

Now where did I put my ice cream spoon?

John said...

Lana - my wife, a professional dietician, would give you the dirtiest look for restricting so badly. With your training/activity level, you could/should be getting 1800-2200 calories, and you'll still lose weight. This 1200-1400 stuff will backfire on you by slowing your metabolism. Take it slow and steady, Ms. Type A.

Jessica said...

Lana! Don't beat yourself up...some things that I do when I get super hungry to stave it off a bit is have some hot tea, or start dinner with hot soup, have a sprite zero right when you get home (i know, not the best, but it helps when I am making dinner). My go to snack is carrots or veggies with hummus, if I use broccoli and cauliflower--a couple of pieces dipped in hummus tides me over! Don't beat yourself up...and I have to agree, your calories are pretty low! :) Keep it up! Jess

Benson said...

I always have snacks at mid-morning and afternoon. Keeps the energy levels and blood sugar consistent and wards off the hunger.

I could live in string cheese and pizza.