Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tales From the Dark Side

Has it been a week since I last posted?! Geez...that's not like me at all (sarcasm, of course). I have been sporadic, at best, since I last told you what a great week was I having. My partner in crime - my little sis - started keeping me out too late and such, and all the sudden I couldn't get out of bed to workout. I missed an easy run on Thursday morning. No big deal, right? Then I missed a 16 miler on Friday morning. Getting serious, but hey, you can always do it Saturday morning before the fam wakes up. Then I missed it Saturday morning, and it was all over but the crying.

Saturday night was the Mach Tenn running club's winter par-tay, and I wasn't stupid enough to think I would get up and run on Sunday afterwards. I mean, you still have to maintain a certain amount of realism - even when you like to go running in 4 degree weather and sh%#. Anyways, I took Bo to baseball practice on Friday night, and then we made our normal trip to Books-A-Million (we love a book store), and I decided I would run into a few stores to see if I could find a hot looking top for the party with a hot looking sale price, since we are nearing the end of winter and all (I love a good deal, too). Well, not only did I find a hot looking top, but I found four hot looking tops! And since they were $50 tops marked down to $9.99, well of course I just bought them all. FYI - it was at Express...better go get'em while they last, girls.

Saturday night came and I laid all 4 hot looking tops out on the bed...they were all delightfully new and crisp, tags still intact. I have a thing about a new piece of just makes me feel prettier when it's new. It was not an easy choice, so I did my hair and makeup first, came back to deliberate, and finally decided on the black tank with jewels on the front. Tentively, because you might get it on and it just not be the right one for the moment, ya know? After wearing it around the house for a while, though, I decided it was right and proceeded to put on my jacket and finish the final touches(or so I thought) before heading out. I met Holly and Rosalind at the rec center, and we crashed the party. We immediately got into those cool conversations about the next marathon and nutrition during an ironman and qualifying for Boston. I had a glass of wine, and started feeling a bit warm in the crowd with my wool coat. Roger - the gracious host - walked up and asked to take my coat. Feeling confident with my brand new hot looking shirt on-that nobody would know only cost me $9.99 instead of $49.99 - I ever so gracefully pulled one arm out, swung my brown hair around and pulled the other arm out...picked up my wine glass, and turned to walk back over to the IM nutrition conversation...

...when I feel people looking at me...

Subliminal thoughts arise: Oh my! Do I really look that good? There's no need to stare, really!

Then Kristie Sliger starts walking towards me. She gets really close and says, "Hey Lana! I like your shirt..."

...and I'm thinking "Oh! It's my new hot looking top! That's what the fuss is about!"

And she proceeds..."but honey, you've left the tag hanging out back here."

The tag. Big ol' tag hanging way out. Brightly shining with $49.99 marked out and $9.99 written in. Complete with the red dot and all. You know about the red dot sales, right?

Whew. Deep. Breath.

All the sudden I needed an air conditioner during the middle of the coldest winter in years. I could feel sweat beading up on my forehead within seconds. She yanked the tag off for me, but I was so torn up after that I couldn't even remember what I drank on the bike during IMFL. I was rendered totally useless in all those cool conversations.

One of my reasons for doing away with the blonde hair was because I didn't like that stigma about blondes. You know the one I'm talking about. So much for that.

All that aside, though, the party was a total blast. I eventually consumed enough wine that I was able to converse again, and Holly once again got me home too late.

No workout on Sunday or Monday, but I finally made it to spin class on Tuesday night. It was killer as usual. I ran 3 on the treadmill Wednesday morning, and then did toning class. Worked, and then went to masters swim after work. Nothing today, but I've got 14 miles on tap for tomorrow morning. Still contemplating what I'm banking it for, though. Who knows, it never hurts to have high mileage in the bank for whatever you might decide to do on the spur of the moment, right?!!


scott said...

Hi Melissa! Bob, the knee is ready for Monster. Al... wish I could've patied with ya. Your club has the best race in the region. Poor Lana, she looks so darn..great

Lisa said...

Now Lana when someone tells me I'm having a blond moment, I always ask,"Well, if I'm having a blond moment, what's your excuse?" ha!

Maybe cupid will bring us those new spin bikes in Feb they keep promising!

Ron said...

Dammmmit!!! I completely missed the tag incident. Funny story.

Anonymous said...

You can pull off both blonde and brown and look fabulous. Nice workouts!

Bethany said...

Oh Lana! This is pun intended, hahaha :) My theory is to turn up the glass and you will redeem yourself sooner or later! Great post.

Jessica said...

No worries about the tag! Be proud of the deal you got! It looks hot!

Anj said...

That is a very nice shirt! I've been in that situation, though. Funny commentary on all of the stuff that runs through your head!