Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trying to fit it all in

This week is crazy. With J.T. in Memphis taking continuing ed courses, it's not going to be easy to fit everything in. So far, though, so good. Sunday night we had a Mach Tenn Running Club group run. It was a 3 mile loop, organized by your's truly, although I'm not very organized. I went out about 30 minutes before the meeting time to mark the course, via running it with sidewalk chalk, and my tired legs were screaming at me. I made it back right on time, though, and then ran another 2.5 or so with the group. It should've been another 3, but I had to wait on Briar who was playing in the creek and got behind, so J.T. gave me a ride down the road a bit to catch up with everyone. We had a great turnout, actually. Let's see...in attendance was Tammie & Jay, Tim, Lee & Laura, Eric M., Roger B., Stephen A., Audra, Trisha, Kim & John. We all had a good time. I think these organized, relaxed runs are a great thing for the Mach Tenn Running Club.

Yesterday I needed to swim 3800 yds, and I did it after work at the pool. I took the kids with me, and they played while I knocked out the laps. I was doing 3 sets of 10x100s as my main set, and after 15 of the 100's my kids came and told me they were ready to go. "Oh my," I thought. I wasn't sure what to do, since 30 more laps plus 4 cool down laps would take a while, especially with the 20 seconds rest in between each 100. So I told them I'd just swim the rest of my laps nonstop, in order to hurry, and they were okay with it. I felt so good swimming those 34 straight laps...it's hard to explain, but I can really get into a rhythm when swimming long. I have no idea what my time was, but it felt great.

This morning I needed 1:45 bike ride. The plan said:
15min warmup
4x15min in hard gear at 65-70 rpms with 5min rest between each
10 min cool down

The last time I did this on the road, and it worked out well, but since it's raining cats and dogs here, I opted for the trainer this morning. I started at 5 a.m. and finished just in time to wake the boys up for school. This workout is hard. I don't know if I just didn't have the drive or push I needed this morning or what, but I just couldn't push those hard gears and keep my cadence up this morning. Nevertheless, I flooded the floor and the towel on the floor with perspiration, and I put in the time, so I'm calling it a success. It was slow...I think I only got like 26 miles, which is not even a 15mph average. I'll take whatever I can get on this one, though.


Bethany said...

Sorry I missed the run! I was wiped out and in the beginning phases of a cold, that we all have gotten! Next time... I promise :)

Eric said...

Sometimes those low cadence intervals can be tougher than the high cadence.

kmholt7 said...

Sorry we didn't make it either. We had a little scheduling conflict. I'd love to be on your email of future runs.

Flatman said...

Way to knock it out on the trainer...those are some hard fought miles...