Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On Being Green

I'm getting in on all this 'trying to be green' that everybody is doing - Holly and I made the 18 mile commute to work today on our bikes. Of course I've ridden to work and back before, but that backpack can get a little irritating while climbing hills through Normandy. So, with gas inching up to nearly $4/gallon and watching the gas pump say $72 each week when I fill up, I decided to strap the backpack back on and get my cycling workout in while commuting to and from work, instead of before or after I commute in my gas guzzling SUV. The hubby accuses me of using gas prices as an "excuse" to ride my bike to and from work instead of the actual reason, but hey - I am all about multitasking and saving money - I think it makes perfect sense!

More about green stuff, though. Is it just me, or is everyone becoming more aware of the social responsibility we should take on lately? Most of you have probably been at this point for quite a while, and I am probably late getting the clue, but still. Funny thing, I never considered myself to be a tree-hugger or anything...but...lately...I am finding myself picking up trash at the ballpark and elsewhere and putting it into it's proper container(and immediately using some antibacterial wash, I might add). I also notice that I scour the headlines to find any news on the oil industry, and then I decide to try and commute via bike to work at least twice a week. Oh, and I am considering (gasp!) selling my beloved SUV and purchasing a (double gasp!) Toyota Prius Hybrid!

Dude! What's going on?!?! I'm buying organic food whenever possible (although the price tags cause some serious internal discussions in the grocery aisle.). I've yet to turn on my air conditioner at home this year. We're not even going to take a long, expensive vacation this year, instead we are going to do some nice and easy camping close to home. So do I qualify as green, yet? Or am I just finally growing up?

I admit, I still have a tough time with water consumption. I heart my long showers, and I still buy bottled water. But this is progress!


Flatman said...

Ya dang hippie!!! (j/k...)

Good for you making smart choices...we have a hard time giving up the platic bottles too...and don't get my wife started on my long showers... ;)

(ps. I would get a prius, but they are UGLY!)

Jamie said...

I've been having the came conversations with myself lately too. Totally weird. Not my personality, but being "green" has actually started changing the way I act/think/eat.

Who knows, maybe there is hope for us after all?

Anonymous said...

Gas prices are getting way out of hand. Good for you for biking to work, you are lucky to live close and don't have a crazy commute. I also think the price of gas is causing people to "think green" since it impacts many other aspects of our lives.

A Prius is great, but try squeezing a family in there! If you trade your SUV in for one, I would say you more than qualify for green.

shae said...

WOW! Riding 18 miles on a bike is no joke. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I'm all for being green and all but I'm still in the stage of recycling and shopping with my own re-usable bags. The most "green" thing that I've done so for was switch to bioheat. It's awesome! Have you heard of it? It's pretty popular in the green community. It's biodegradable and non-toxic, so you won't have to breathe in all of those nasty fumes. The best part is that it's made of heating oils blended with every-day products like avocado and corn. Cool right?

I found out about it through my job here at NORA. I did more research on it and found out some great info and more tips from:

Check it out and see what other suggestions are offered.

Lisa said...

Good for you!

I love the Prius...that's my next car when the Civic eventually bites the dust...maybe another 3-4 yrs.

Cliff said...


I like how your husband thinks. There is only one reason we should ride our bike to work. That's to ride our bike :)

kmholt7 said...

Good for you!

I could be a lot greener but at least we are now regulars at the recycling center in town. I don't see me giving up the suv anytime soon!

Spandex King said...

I get rid of my SUV and bought a Prius a month ago. I LOVE the Prius! It is a lot bigger than it looks. I can put the back seats down and get my bike in with out taking off the wheels. I'm averaging over 45 miles per gallon! I fill it with 9 gallons of gas. Compared to 15 miles per gallon and 26 gallon fill ups with the SUV

triguyjt said...

good for you on commuting that day...can you do it once a week???

that would make a diff...

i talk about commuting but I have not yet. I am real close to doing it.....better shut up about it and just do it.

TriShannon said...

I'm jealous that you are riding to work. No showers at my work and the distance is just far enough to get sweaty and feel gross all day.

I just test drove a Prius... so quiet! I kept thinking it had stalled.

TJ said...

You haven't turned on your air at home yet?!?!? WOW!!!
That would be a major sacrifice here in south GA. It's 100 here right now with a heat index of 106. I'm all about bike commuting and paper over plastic, but I'm not ready to give up my A/C yet.

Jumper 2.0 said...

It's not easy being green!

In some ways I have always been green. I have never owned a big SUV (although I have small ones), I turn off lights, use fluorescent at areas that is just room light or installed a dimmer switch. I also keep the tires inflated, oil changed, yada, yada, yada.

In other ways, I have a ways to go.

It's too bad it had to become an "in" thing for much of us (self included) to work on improving more. Even for people that don't agree with man caused global warming, there are so many good reasons to be green.

Good Job, Lana.