Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just another day...

Well, I ran 7.91 miles Sunday morning, but it wasn't my best run by a long shot. First of all, I don't think it was "morning" enough. I didn't get started until 7:45, and after 4 miles it felt hot and humid, and I could tell I was needing some water. I was pretty much hitting a 9:30 pace consistently, which I was okay with since I had just rode 100 miles the day before, but in a search for water I ran down the greenway and stopped to drink from a water hose I found at the ballpark. That kinda killed my pace and my momentum. I got started back up to head home and then stopped again on the last hill to help a couple find Starbucks. Bless their hearts, they had gotten off at the wrong exit and must have really been needing that Starbucks fix. That stuff should be illegal. BT called for a 1:10 run, but I ended up running slower than I had wanted/expected and by the time I arrived back home I had gone 7.91 miles in 1:17. All miles were around 9:30, but the two 10:30 miles for water and Starbucks directions killed the pace. It's all good though...a run completed is always, in one way or another, a good run.

Monday morning my alarm went off at 5:00, and I decided to hit the evil snooze button a few times because I knew that I had plenty of time to get to the pool for my swim by 5:45. Simple enough, right? Nope - that snooze button will screw you every time. This time the stars must have been in some kind of funky alignment so that the alarm actually awoke J.T. He got up, got ready for work, and said "Lana, I'm going on to work early...see ya later." I looked at the clock, saw 5:45, and wanted to curse, but then I figured an anomaly such as this could only be related to a crazy alignment of the stars, and so I just went back to sleep for another half of an hour. I did the swim late yesterday evening, and chalked it up to a lesson learned about smacking the snooze button too many times - nothing good ever comes of it.

This morning, I didn't chance it. The alarm went off at 4:30, and I got up. I met Tim, Lee, and Heather at the rec and was actually early, believe it or not. They wanted to run 4 miles; I needed to run 40 minutes - so we compromised and ran 4.5 miles in 37:33. I guess I should have kept going for another 2.5 minutes, but that 8:17 pace convinced me that I had done enough, so I didn't. I'm not Type A, remember? Jumper says it's called Type A-. Anyways, I grabbed my sports drink and went up to the weight room to do weights. It was nice to do weights this morning. I have missed them. I shot the breeze with Russell, talked about baseball with Brett, chatted some with Tracy, and got all the BT prescribed sets in plus a few lunges for my back side.

Tomorrow is a bike and a swim, and I have yet to decide whether it will be an early bike ride in town and then a swim, or if I will commute to and from work and swim during lunch. We shall see.

Congrats to Bigun, Taconite Boy, Momo, Blink, and Ashley & Joseph who all kicked butt at IMCDA Sunday!!! And congrats to Bree Wee for an awesome 9:37:12 at IMJapan!


triguyjt said...

great training even though you are tough on yourself for sleeping a little in one day.

i agree on the props for bigun and others.... way to go guys

Benson said...

you're serious about this IM training thing eh?
Getting it all done no matter what.

Lisa said...

Oh, your post made me MISS running!

Anonymous said...

I used to really enjoy weight training also. I haven't gone in a while, but plan on starting soon. There is just something about it.

Nice job on the runs. After riding 100 miles, I think it would be difficult to walk never mind run.

Keep working hard.

Rae said...

Great job! IMFL is gonna be a piece of CAKE! Which you will totally get to enjoy because of all the calories you burned!

Rice said...

lol, the snooze button seems to be your arch enemy. We been reading about it for years now..



Missy said...

I'm a sucker for the snooze button! Sorry I missed you guys at the Harpeth Ride but glad you had fun. It was a beautiful day. Ryan and his team kicked ass at the races...I'll be like him some day:)

Cliff said...

100 mile ride and a run the next day. Yup. That does sound like IM training :)

Don't worry about the 10:30 pace. U are learning and training your body to run with tired legs ;0.

When I was training for IM, I was running so slow.

tri-mama said...

Dang- 20 weeks started already? I guess it's time to get off my soft butt and get going :-) I think we should get say, 7 snooze credits between now and November-kind of like "Get out of jail free" cards (those always rocked for keeping your momentum going) then it's part of "the plan"

Looks like training is fun and going well-keep it up!

Ryan said...

The snooze button will kill you every time.

I scare myself into not hitting the snooze by trying to count how many more swims I have until Ironman. When I realize how "few" it actually is, I get up. Plus, trying to do math that early usually wakes me up too!