Monday, March 10, 2008

Talking to the Hand

Well, the poll is closed now, and I am out of the Tomb of Shame, but I still feel like I'm just talking to Bigun's hand. He won't listen to anyone. TriGreyhound tried to stand up for me, to no avail. Even his partner in crime - Taconite Boy - admitted that he liked my new header. According the poll, 44 of you are on my side, 14 of you are siding with Bigun, and 3 of you don't care.

To the 44 of you on my side - I'll love you and appreciate you for ever. And I've got'yer back if Bigun decides to pick on you too! Just let me know...I've got connections to the ever famous Di if we need them.

To the 14 of you kissing Bigun's ass - are there really 14 of you, or did Bigun vote multiple times? Hmmm...anyways...if you sided with Bigun - you suck.

To the 3 who don't care - Thanks for voicing your opinion, I guess. At least you voted.

Obviously, I have Bigun outnumbered; but he shows no remorse at all for locking me up in the TOS. I've pleaded my case and the people have spoken. What else can I do? At least I got in there after Trimama installed in the cocktail bar.

Training is going pretty well lately, despite the rain, snow and 30 degree weather that invaded my mid 60 degree paradise this weekend. The treadmill and I got reacquainted with a 5 mile run on Wed and a 4.27 mile run this morning. Thursday I rode my trainer 70 minutes, and then joined some running buddies for 13.38 miles later that evening. The long run was actually scheduled for Friday morning, but due to all the rain, we pushed it up Thursday night. Most of them were going for 21 miles, but my plan only called for 1:30 of running, so I did 13.38 miles in 1:58 and called it a night. I rewarded myself by resting on Friday. Then Saturday I got back on the trainer and watched CMT while spinning for 2hrs and 20 minutes. Yep - you heard me, CMT - all 2 hours and 20 minutes. So go ahead, call me a redneck...but I must admit I wasn't all that impressed with what the channel had to offer. It was better in the late 80s. I did see one A.J. video, which was nice...but Kenny Chesney just doesn't do it for it me. So then Sunday brought another swim class in which I proved to myself again that I'm the worst swimmer on the planet. The good news, though? The coach noticed. She was mortified at what's going on in my stroke lately. Hopefully that's the first step to recovery.

It looks like I've got lots of swimming to do this week. I've also got a 10k this Saturday (need to add that to my sidebar) followed by a 3 - 4 hour ride. And lots of fun to be had. Baseball season is gearing up. Life is good.


TriSonq said...

Good Luck at your 10K this weekend.

We'll miss you at the Tom King Half. :(

Lisa said...

Good Luck with that 10k. I have to wonder why they put that on the biggest 1/2 marathon weekend in Nashville.

I agree, Kenny Chesney, is NOT all that. I don't understand the draw there with him.

greyhound said...

You have a new header? Really? I've always come here for the "articles." Until Bigun pointed it out, I never noticed the blondness

Or the midriff

Or the fetching running bras

or . . .

What were we talking about? I lost my train of thought.

david said...

Hopefully the winter weather is behind us...Hoping for only nice Spring weather.

faithrunner said...

Holy cow, you have green grass???!!! Haven't seen grass in MN since, hmmmm, maybe November? :) Cute snowman, looks like it took all the snow on the ground to make him! You may come borrow some of ours if you need more, I'll share.
Happy swimming!

Darrell said...

The coach noticed, OMG, that is not good. Hopefully she has some good advice.

TJ said...

Cool snowman. We actually got sleet and a few snow flakes down here Saturday morning.
Then it was back up to 70 Sunday afternoon. Crazy.

jahowie said...

Good luck on your 10k. Did you guys roll all of the snow out of your yard for that one snowman? :-)

Cliff said...


I have the same thought as Jahowie.

I could roll all the snow in my front yard to make a snowman...then it would become a snowgiant =D. We have moulds of white 7-8 foot high =D

Taconite Boy said...

Yeah......Bigun and tac are jerks. They should have never....oh wait...nevermind.

Happy 10k ing

Bigun said...

You know, all I have to do say the words, and little miss hottiepants will be BACK in the TOS faster than she can change her good header to the....less good one.

Nice snowman!

Rae said...

Our snowman pic looks much the same!! Snowman surrounded by green grass!! It was a great weekend for playing.

Stephanie said...

Good luck with your race on Saturday!

And no, you're not the worst swimmer on the planet. If it makes you feel any better (actually, it shouldn't, but I'll share anyway), all of that pulling totally screwed up my left rotator cuff and I've been in a lot of pain ever since Monday night. I can't sleep thru the night, I can't turn the steering wheel with my left hand, I can't even teach an abs class! No swimming, no upper body weights, no climbing...ugh! That's what pulling with paddles for 1800 when you've been doing no more than 500 for the last several months will do to you! So at least you can swim right now.