Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bad Juju, Valentine's Day crap, and my unsolicited Roger Clemens/HGH opinion

Whoa. After reading that last post, I did need some sleep. I got it, but I hate to report I still am not feeling any better. I forced myself out to run 6 miles with Holly today during lunch (yes, it was too cold to ride), but even that didn’t help. Normally, if I am feeling bad, a good 6 mile run at an 8:48/mile pace will get things back on track. Today it just gave me a head ache. But…I won’t keep complaining. I know that this, too, shall pass. The bad juju, that is. Thanks, Comm, for getting me up-to-date in my terminology.

So, today is Valentines Day. Thrill thrill. I care not for the holiday, actually. I’m a realist, not a romantic. I like new bike parts and technical fabric, not roses and silly stuffed animals. I like a Snickers bar, not a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I prefer an email, not a card from a shelf. I’m not bitter or anything…I love my husband, and he’s been known to send me the big vase full of overpriced roses in past years. But I can’t deny that I usually take one look at them and immediately begin thinking of what other functional items that could have been purchased with the money spent on them.

Enough of that. Let’s talk about HGH. Geez. It snowed in middle TN yesterday, causing schools to close, allowing me to work from home, and ultimately giving me the chance to work while watching Clemens and McNamee defend themselves to Congress. My oh my. Somebody’s lying. What the hell is Roger Clemens thinking? I’m a baseball fan…I like Roger Clemens…and I’d to think he didn’t use HGH like Bonds, McGuire, and the rest of them. But come on now…seriously, Roger…do you really think we believe that you think it’s good for your wife and not for you? Do you think we believe that your friend “misremembered” your conversation but wouldn’t show up to tell Congress so? Geez. Obviously, steroids are all over MLB…I doubt Clemens did a whole lot of HGH, and I even venture to say that he might not have even gained a whole lot of advantage from it. I think that’s probably why he hates to go down in flames with the rest of them that used it regularly. He’s a superstar. A giant in America’s favorite pastime. But does he really believe that he’s bigger than our government? That he can strut his way up to Capitol Hill, turn on his charm, preach about not taking shortcuts and that our U.S. Representatives will just roll over in awe like the fans at Yankee Stadium? Give me a break.

Let me say this…if Clemens is telling the truth here, boy is he ever getting screwed and what a damn shame it is. And I’ll feel bad about not believing him. But if he ever was injected with human growth hormone, I believe he showed more gall yesterday than Bill Clinton did when saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Clemens is a role model to kids all over this country. If he did HGH, so be it. He’s human, they were all doing it, and he made a mistake. But at the very least, be man enough to admit when you’re wrong, and do what you can to correct the situation. Or keep your mouth shut and your ass out of jail like McGuire.

On second thought, Clinton didn’t go to jail, did he? Then maybe Clemens won’t either. Wow. This country's in a mess. And you can't blame this one on W.

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Benson said...

Oh dang it all. I read your last post too and you are more than just a little sick huh? It's time to just stop and a take a couple days off training and GET WELL.
I'm sending you tons of GOOD JUJU to help you out.
I'm all agro about the HGH hearings and all. What to do.

I hope your Valentines Day is a good one.

Anonymous said...

I have somehow stumbled upon your blog and have been reading for aw while. Thank you for your inspiration. I am a fellow mom, triathlete, runner, and employee. How do we do it? please, you just do!

anyways, could not agree with more on the whole valentines day thing! I got so tired of hearing "happy valentines day" today.

Ryan said...

Jeesh, how hot. Too bad for me that you are married. In my dreams the perfect woman is more interested in bike components and technical fabrics, than Valentine's Day.

What next, are you going to tantalize me talking about Lactate Threshold Heart Rate during cycling workouts.

Comm's said...

I don't know if he is guilty or not but he is certainly acting innocent. And Jose Cancesco in his book, which is the party mentioned by the trainer, states RC never took or mentioned he took Steriods. The whole scandel in baseball revolves around Balco and Cancesco's book.

Bonds hasn't even been reprimanded yet on his actions in this.

Maybe RC is guilty. But he's sure acting innocent.

Bigun said...

"This country's in a mess. And you can't blame this one on W." - herumph, herumph!

let's get the clinton's back in office so we can all make money again and lie our asses off.

jkrunning said...

I agree with you on Clemens. He just isn't sounding very convincing right now.

triguyjt said...

if roger is being truthful, then he has a helluva way of going about it...geesh.
just come clean. most would respect you more that way

jahowie said...

I love your views on V-day, and on the Clemons thing. I hope that you feel better soon.