Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I can't swim

Of course, I already knew that, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating when you have a 30 minute time trial and really have to face the facts on paper. UGH. Sunday, at swim class was the big time trial to find out what group we get put in. Well, no doubt I was going to get put in the lower group, but I would at least like to have done as well as I did a year ago. I didn't. Last year I averaged 1 minute per 50 yds. This year they stopped me after 29:41 when I completed 1400 yds. Pathetic. And I hate it. I despise it. I hate sucking. I thought I was doing pretty good...not getting passed by anyone really...but passing a few people here and there. Passing this one guy in particular who treated the time trial like speed work. I'd swim up to the wall where he was hanging out, resting...I'd flip turn to keep going, and as I did he'd come charging out out like a mad man...swimming as hard as he could for about 40 yds, and then he'd start losing steam again. Even so...it doesn't take away from the fact that I suck at swimming. I hate that, and it puts me in a bad mood.

On a lighter note, I got in a 12 mile run early Saturday morning at a 9:02 pace(theoretically speaking on the dreadmill in the Tomb Of Shame). I also got in a 35 mile/2 hour bike ride outside(or, actually on the stinky, rusty spin trainer in the Tomb) on Friday.

On not so light of a note, I took the boys to the doctor yesterday to find out they both have strep throat. I have a hang up about getting out in the early morning hours to work out when my kids are sick, so I stuck with a 1 hr trainer ride Monday, and then had J.T. come home for his lunch break while I slipped out for a swim. Antibiotics seem to be working, though, so hopefully I can slip out early in the morning and start catching up a bit.

Now that I have found this cocktail bar in the Tomb, I think I can handle it until Episode 5...at which time I have faith that I will be released for a much better candidate for the Tomb. I also talked to Di, and she's going to sneak me some old "Housekeeping Monthly" issues to read and laugh at for the time being.

Oh, and I'm almost done with my "how I got started" post, by the way...I should have it up soon.


Cliff said...

:)1:50 was my pace too.

Don't feel too bad. On my IM run, i passed 400-500 ppl!! =D.

This season, I am focusing on my running. I am putting a hold on my swim. I am focus on technique though. Let's see where that will get.

We are triathletes. It is not just the swim. It is the bike and the run after that makes it complete.

J~Mom said...

Yes, put up a poll and see how many think Jay belongs in the tomb!! LOL!!

Shelley said...

We all have our weaknesses whether we are tri-athletes or not. You just don't give up on them and you push harder.

Hope you and the boys are feeling better!

jahowie said...

Don't beat yourself up. We all have good and bad days. You've had a lot going on lately with your kids being sick. I hope that they get better real soon. My boys had the flu last week, it was awful. All three throwing up at the same time. I'm glad that I didn't get it. Keep your chin up. :-)

Marathoner in Training said...

That is not a bad swim time. I always look at the swim as controlled drownding. As long as the lifeguard does not offer you a kickboard, you are doing better than me. I had a lifeguard come over to me and offered me a kickboard, I think so she would not have to jump into the water to save me. However if she had to give me cpr, I would not have complained.

Stephanie said...

You didn't swim 1400 yds in 29:41, you swam 1400 meters. (Long course is meters.) Meters are longer than yards, so you actually swam further than you thought.

I did my time trial 2 weekends ago and did 1400 in 31+. The woman who I partnered with that day did 1400 in 30+. There you go - 2 women who are slower than you.

TJ said...

the thing about not being satisfied with a performance is it serves as major motivation to do what it takes to improve.
you'll be smokin the swim in no time.

Benson said...

I'll give you my swimming if I can have your running. Deal?
I hate my slow running so bad I'm re-tooling it and will be working my legs off to make it better. Swimming is nothing different. Work your weakness and make it your strength.
You rock as a mom and an athlete. Believe it.

faithrunner said...

At least you got up the nerve to join a swim class! I don't even dare join one for fear of being the worst one out there! Great job on the trial test. Wish we could run together, I'm doing a 9:05 right now too. I have no words of wisdom, as this triathlon training is new to me, but I figure that as long as you're working hard and lovin' it, then it's all good. Motherhood is hard enough, don't put added stress on yourself, you're doing great.

Christine said...

Don't worry about swimming. That is one sport that takes time. I'm struggling with it too since its my first time back in the pool since a horrible shoulder surgery. You will get through it. Think about that triathlon where you won best female. You wouldnt have won if you SUCKED at swimming! Keep your head up! You are my hero:)