Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Recovering Slowly

Oh man. I've been hurtin'.

I knew I had put forth my best effort, but I didn't realize it was gonna cripple me for a week thereafter. Sore. Quads. They are finally better now, like 9 days later...but I couldn't even resemble a jog until last Thursday when I painfully jogged 2 miles with The Flash. I even pulled my hamstring just walking around the hotel on Monday morning.

Obviously, I didn't eat like I should have after the race. They had oranges, but they weren't peeled or sliced and who wants to deal with peeling an orange just after running 26.2 miles? I did drink an Accelerade while walking through the finish area, and I ate a Popsicle, but evidently it wasn't enough to promote recovery during the next 5 hours until I made my way over to grab a Little Caeser's Pizza some Flat Tire beer. And I suppose sitting still surfing the net and listening to Tac & Bigun's podcast the rest of the night didn't help the stiffness any. I shoulda got my butt up and climbed Camelback Mtn with IronJenny.

Anyways...I finally decided I was okay and made plans to go mtn biking with Leslie Saturday morning at Tim's Ford. It's a 14 mile trail. And it's even longer when you spend a quarter of it pushing your bike because your weak quads won't pull you up the climbs.


I shoulda stayed on the porch.

But...we be feelin' betta now. Ran 4.96 miles in 45 minutes Sunday morning in the cold. HR felt a little high, but the legs felt good. Then went to swim class and got my butt kicked again. Monday I rode 70 minutes on the trainer while watching Ironman Florida that my hubby recorded for me. This morning, I slept in because I didn't want to fool with that "wintery mix" they kept talking about on the news. I'm supposed to run and swim...I may go get the run in at the rec center tonight.

In the meantime, here's some RNR pics courtesy of asiorders.com:

Having some fun

On a mission (that's Erin to my left #6101)

Victory is Sweet!

One happy Chick!


Christine said...

You did SOO awesome! And I'm seriously going to print out some of your blog about the race to keep me inspired during my first half marathon. Everytime I run I think "the pain is better than guilt" Thank you for the inspiration!

david said...

I love your big smile in the last pic!

Spandex King said...

Great Run!! The weather was awesome! I ran with my wife and had a great day in the sun!

Benson said...

That last pic is beautiful. You really did rock it.
Good you're recovered and back at it, slowly.

Marathoner in Training said...

Great pics. And a big thumbs up to the hubby for recording the Ironman Florida. That is true love.

greyhound said...

Love those pics--especially "on a mission." You look like a trained killer!

Be careful, though. It is usually a dangerous thing to start thinking, "I should have [fill in blank] with Iron Jenny." Jenny is not normal, and she usually fills the blank with something completely nuts.

Tri-Dummy said...

Great pics! Mine...not so good. :(

Lance Notstrong said...

Congrats. Looks like a great race :-)

jahowie said...

I'm sorry that you have been hurting so bad. It still has to be worth it though. You did great!! Thanks for posting the pics. :-)

Michele said...

Awesome pics.

70 miles on the trainer??? Uggggg.

Glad you are recovered and back to tearing it up.

Congrats on the marathon, I knew you would do it!! Hard earned!!

momo said...

it gets less painful, i promise. the closer you get to imfl, the quicker you recover from everything - go figure. you'd think it was the opposite way around. it must be the muscle memory.

that finishing picture says it all! congrats, lana!!