Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hold Up

We're moving forward. We've checked off the Sub-4 goal. We've got back on the mountain bike, even if it was painful. We're no longer sore. We're back to running and easily hitting sub 9 minute miles. Back in swim class too. Thinking about the Gulf Coast Half Iron and then onto IMFL. We're taking steps forward, we're making progress, we're WHAT?!? HOLD. UP.

Report cards came out for the second 9 weeks. The 5th grader's didn't fair nearly as well this time around as it did the first 9 weeks when it was all A's. What. Happened?

All of the sudden getting in that 2000yd swim seemed not so important. Some priorities got shifted, some privileges were revoked, we spent some time talking, and then we headed to the Pizza Hut buffet for carbo-therapy full of love.

What a balancing act this is. Trial and error. One day it seems I am too hard on my boys. The next day I obviously haven't been hard enough. But what are you to do except to start over and try again? Back to micro-managing the homework assignments.


Flatman said...

I feel ya. You can get it all in, though...I am sure of it.

momo said...

yep. a post straight out of MY life recently too. little j did great last quarter. frankie? not so much.

mostly it was all that accelerated reader stuff, so we're back to taking turns reading to eachother at night.

you move forward, you adjust, you move forwad, you adjust. i'm sure he appreciated the pizza hut theraphy though - the best way to make my boys happy is through their tummies too! :-)

Marathoner in Training said...

Oh, can I relate to you. If you need come other parent to talk to, call me. You will do just fine on the micro-manage, remember how when we were young, we would play our parents, and think we knew everything, well that is our kids now. Cheer up.

Anonymous said...

Mom, what are you doing, posting my grades out for the entire world? I will never be able to show my face in public again, I am scared for life.
I try my best, but school can be so boaring at times. Please do not punish me for my grades, I will try to bring them up to your standards this quarter.

Lana said...

Geez Anonymous, if you're trying to say I shouldn't have posted that or that I'm too hard on my kiddos then just come out and say it. I'm a big girl and I can take it...but you could at least sign your name.

TRI Vortex said...

Hey, I didn't have any Marathoners as teachers in school. Unless you count Eating a sport. Had a few look like pro-Nathan Hot Dog Champions. That sub-9 mile sounds nice...pop...oh I just woke up from my dream.

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Ewwww... Report cards and grades; something I'm definitely not looking forward to dealing with!

faithrunner said...

Just hang on girl, you can do it. My daughter's version of studying is look at math book for 5 min., dance to music for 20 min., read a few chapters of her favorite novel, then study for 5 min. Done! I get so frustrated with it! I feel your pain. I think puberty has something to do with it. Who ever thought puberty was a smart idea anyway?! Stay strong, keep loving him, and keep on top of it. He's looking up to you and you're a great role-model. You're doing great with your training too.

Taryn said...

Trail and error... wait, don't they give you a handbook when you have a baby?? Hang in there chika.

Benson said...

I have a mom, and dad, like you that took the extra time to get me on track and my grades came up and things were better and I got happier about studying. Love takes many shapes.
You exhibit toughness and can teach them that tough kids can study and do tough homework.
You're a super mom and your kids will be great.

That picture is great.

greyhound said...

I think parenting is like that sometimes, even when you're doing everything right. Just about the time you think you've got the sails trimmed on your little vessel to guide him safely past the rocks, the wind shifts or the conditions change, and you make adjustments.

J~mom said...

I have a 5th grader as well. They are so young and yet knocking on the door of puberty. *gasp*

Tri-Dummy said...

That pic is funny.

Post a pic when you're a week out from IM.

That one will be REALLY funny!

IronJenny said...

Love that picture!!!
This is too weird... Ally JUST came home with 32/50 on a comprehension test. (OK, Lana's Anonymous commentor.. bring it. I can be found at

Is there something about the weather that all our kids are having a tough go lately at school??

We are going to get back into the swing of more reading-for-pleasure to work on her comprehension. So she started the Nancy Drew series last night. After about 15 minutes she goes, "wow - there's a lot of action in only 5 pages of this book - I love it!" Sounds like this might be just what she needed.
Your boys will be fine- I think 5th grade is a tough year because they are getting prepared for middle school where they are pretty much on their own with the responsibilities of changing classrooms, using locks on their lockers and still not being late for classes, doing more independent research for projects, etc. So maybe the 5th grade teachers are getting a little tougher on them now to help with the upcoming transition.