Thursday, December 06, 2007

Quick Update

Last Saturday's 12 miler was a good one - 9:02 pace. I have tried to rest this week, but haven't been really successful. Monday was a 6 miler that didn't feel so great. Tuesday was a 7 miler that I didn't get done. I slept through alarm, and then one thing after another prevented me from being able to do the run. I started to make it up on Wednesday, which was supposed to be a rest day, but then I thought better of it. I don't think this is the week to try and make up a missed run. Today was a 5 miler with 6 100m strides - it went well, but I am not sure what the significance is of doing strides 2 days before the main event. Not sure about that at all. looks like the weather is going to be nice. I'm going out there to run SMART. And that is the focus. Sometimes I run for FUN. Sometimes I run to WIN my AG. Sometimes I go out to beat a personal GOAL. I want sub-4 Saturday, and if the external and internal conditions are all right, I just might get it if I run smart. Slow and easy at first. Then steady and patient. And then rock n roll with whatever is left at the end. If the conditions aren't right, then hey, I'm gonna run smart with what I've got, readjust my goal, and be thankful for the opportunity and health to participate in such a great event. I have been so caught up in sub4 that I had momentarily forgotten how much I love the marathon. It's a great event - no matter what the finish time.

*Thanks to my speedy friend H.J. who called to wish me luck and reminded me what it's all about. This girl just ran a 3:39 BQ at Memphis!

And Congrats to my other peeps her in Manchester who rocked the Memphis Marathon last weekend - Heather, Pam, Lee, and Tim. It was H,P, and T's first - and they did amazingly well. Tim wanted under four hours and ended up with a 3:51 - Awesome!


David said...

Saturday is going to be a great day! You are going to do great. Looking forward to running with you.

John said...

Good luck, Lana - have a great race!