Thursday, December 13, 2007

I really am doing things other than eating pecan cobbler

Honest, I am.

I am recovering on the Pfitz "Multiple Marathon" plan, I am working, I am celebrating my little sister's birthday, I am delivering my child to detention(the horror!) at 6:45 a.m., I am thinking about that "multiple marathon", I am thinking about the 2008 triathlon season, and I am enjoying mid 60 degree weather in Dec. Of course I am still procrastinating finishing up the Christmas shopping. So far, I have managed to do it all online - excluding some purchases at Cracker Barrel as I picked up dinner-to-go, and of course, my all night black Friday ordeal at Best Buy.

The legs feel great. Nothing like they did after my first two marathons. I am sure, no doubt, that is due to all the walking involved in the last 7 miles of Rocket City. I rested 2 days solid after the marathon, and by the evening of that second day I was just not pleasant to be around. I am about to concede to the fact that I am an endorphin junkie. Check me in. So I ran 5 on Tuesday, then about 5.5 today. I am still hungry for a successful marathon.

Work is busy, but I perform better when I am under pressure and have to meet deadlines. So that's a good thing.

Holly turned 28 today! And she told The Flash (our dad) that all she wanted for her birthday was for him to meet us at 5 a.m. for a run. To our knowledge, he hadn't been running much, if any. But dang if he didn't show up and bust out a 3 miler, outkicking all of us to the end. I have threatened to hire a spy to find out when and where he's been doing his secret training. Me, Holly, and Mike went on to run nearly 2 and a half more miles and got soaked in the rain. But getting soaked in 65 degrees problem when you realize it could be 30 degrees. Splashing in puddles is fun when you realize you could be slipping and sliding on patches of ice. I'm just not a fan of the coldasthewitchinthebrassbra kindof of weather.

I should have gotten a swim in today, but instead I had to jet after the run in order to go home and get my eldest up and out to report to detention. It appears that the "ice cream social" reward for gaining 50 accelerated reader points was enticing enough to take a chance at getting a buddy to take a test for him...but not enticing enough to put down the Wii and DS and read the book himself. Detention might not have been so bad after all, but the guilt trip for causing mom to miss her much needed recovery swim was.

Balance. Everything feels balanced right now, even if it is because I've thrown a few odds and ends on the other side of the scale. Granted, both sides need to be stripped down and re-evaluated and replacements made for things worn out...but balance is still a good thing, and I'll take it any way I can get it right now.


Rice said...

Go dad!



Michele said...

Nice workouts this week.

I too think all the walking has made the recovery process much faster this time around.

So is Flash going to start training maybe join you in Birmingham????

Joe said...

What are you getting me for Christmas?

BTW, if I haven't said this already, I love your new masthead.

Tri-Dummy said...


I'm glad you cleared up who that was in the picture kneeling down.

I was thinking...that marathon really ugged up Lana!


check out my blog and throw down some advice.

Darrell said...

Sorry about your son. But I'm glad to hear these things don't just happen to my kids.

Benson said...

Nice job on the recovery trail and planning thoughts.
Bummer about detention. I hope it's a good lesson learned.
I got detention once in high school for 'wrestling in the hall' with a buddy. He was a wrestler, I was a swimmer...he pinned me and I got detention. Go figure.