Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dead Legs Running

About 6 miles into my 17 miler Friday morning, when I still didn't feel any better than mile 1 at 4 a.m., I realized that it must have been Pfitz's intentions to make me run a long run on tired legs this time. And boy were they tired. They felt like heavy lead. That's what I like about following a program, though. Had this my own made up program I would have seriously doubted the benefit of running 17 miles on tired legs, but since Pfitz had it scheduled like so I could only assume he was getting my legs ready for the "the last 6". And that's cool with me, because I want them to be ready this time. So Michele and I plugged away and finally completed all 17 with an overall pace of 9:24/mile. I am so behind on my bimActive log right now that I don't have any splits to post.

The good news? Next week is the finally 20 miler, and the completion of it will put me on the down hill slide. That sounds great to me. Although I really have enjoyed this program. It's much more running than I've ever done, but I have honestly not been burned out nearly like I have in previous marathon training attempts.

Friday night we finally had Briar's birthday party. I ended up with about 10 kids spending the night. 10. 11 year olds. Whew! Actually, it wasn't that bad...they are good kids and nobody got hurt. Atleast if they didn't it wasn't bad enough to come wake me up and that's cool with me.

I got my bike fixed yesterday - yay! I knew something was made a loud noise around the front wheel when I rode on it, but now when I just spinned the wheel by hand. As it turned out I had some loose spokes. The guys at MOAB took very good care of me and got it fixed right up. I thought I might ride today, but I lifted some weights after my 5 miler instead. Maybe another day. Soon.


Darrell said...

I completely understand following the plan. Way to get through the 17. It will sure feel good to have the 20 done next week.

With only 4 weeks between marathons, I'm pretty much just winging it this time around.

Michele said...

how were the legs on the 5 this morning? i was dead.
see ya in the morning. please don't kill me

Tri-Dummy said...

It's great you finished your run and with a good pace.

Of my planned 16, I did 10. I wanted to quit at 4! I'm sporting a nice chest cold and smokers cough. I was hoping the run would help push the cold through me quicker.

We'll see. I have a 50 minute easy run tomorrow.

Benson said...

Yay for making it 17.
Yay for your bike getting fixed.

Keep it going good.

Wes said...

That's a nice run on dead legs. I wanna do 23 this weekend. There's something psychological about going over twenty for me. I may not.

I got out and rode for the first time yesterday since my last tri. I can sum it up in one word.

Ouch!! :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

10 11 year olds? Crazy!

Phil said...

You did what you were suppose to do. You slowed down a little from your 10K pace and got in a great 17 miler when your legs are tired. You'll remember this run when you're on mile 23 and you're brain starts screaming at you to slow down. You'll know you can keep running strong.