Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally...a good, comfy long run

Today was the last day of week 8, and a recovery week. This time, I really felt like I was somewhat recovering. 14 miles. Michele and I started at 4:25 and ran on the dark country roads until the sky finally lightened up. We had OS Endurance to drink during mile 8, but I couldn't seem to finish all of mine. I had eaten a fig newton on the way to her house and my stomach just felt too full for whole 8 ounces. But the Fig Newton and the OS I did have carried me through a nice, comfortable, and halfway decent-paced long run. Finally. Next week is the peak week. 55 miles. 2 mid week 12 milers (one of them a LT run), a long run of 20 miles, and a 6 and 5 mile recovery run. Whew...I need to get plenty of sleep...starting tonight.

Oh, did I mention it's cold now? 44 is cold. I still wore shorts, but I am now regularly sporting gloves, long sleeves and a vest.

Route:--Elev. Avg:1078 ft
Location:Arnold Afb, TNElev. Gain:+0 ft
Date:10/12/07Up/Downhill: [+479/-479]
Time:04:29 AMDifficulty:3.4 / 5.0
44 F temp; 92% humidity
44 F heat index; winds Calm
Heart Rate (bpm)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Heart
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
19' 45+0' 226.2-0.2134+7 ft
29' 31+0' 086.3-0.1140-36 ft
39' 35+0' 126.3-0.1147-3 ft
49' 30+0' 076.3-0.1152+37 ft
59' 29+0' 066.3-0.1155+33 ft
69' 12-0' 116.5+0.1154-30 ft
79' 10-0' 136.5+0.1157+3 ft
89' 38+0' 156.2-0.2157+14 ft
99' 21-0' 026.4+0.0156-36 ft
109' 17-0' 066.5+0.1158+4 ft
119' 17-0' 066.5+0.11590 ft
129' 04-0' 196.6+0.2162-7 ft
139' 07-0' 166.6+0.2164+32 ft
149' 10-0' 136.5+0.1164-23 ft
end8' 45-0' 386.8+0.5164+6 ft
Versus average of 9' 23 min/mile

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Lisa said...

Nice even pace. I don't think it gets more even that! I LOVE this cooler weather. :)

Michele said...

Great run this morning.

Ready for peak week????

Check out my splits compared to your. Every mile is slower on mine. Want to trade Garmins???

Taryn said...

Looks like a decent run to me!! (I need to go back through your posts... what's next for you?)

Lance Notstrong said...

Wow!!! Your HR vs your pace is looking really good!!! You didn't hit the 160's until you went below 9:10 miles. That's awesome!!!

Benson said...

Holy crap! I know I keep saying that but you are so damn strong and steady it humbles me so.
Fantastic for you to be so smooth.