Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starting Again

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men -Col 3:23

Tomorrow is going to be a second try at getting Briar up early to work out with me. We have a theme, and it is the verse you see above.

I can remember a few specific times in my life when one person or another instructed me to do my best at everything I do, regardless of the task, however big or small. One time was in a Sunday School class, and I wonder if the teacher was referring to the verse above? Another time was in the 6th grade, when my teacher was disappointed in my handwriting, although I had made a 100 on the assignment. I can remember her talking about doing my best at everything, even it's taking a little extra time on my handwriting, to make sure that what I present is something I am proud of. And another time was at a softball tournament in Cleveland, TN. I was not happy with the position I had been assigned to play, and I wasn't exactly giving my all on the field. My Dad pulled me aside and told me (in that serious tone of voice that immediately got my attention) that I had better quit dragging around and do my best at whatever position I was playing or he was going to jerk me off of the field and take me home immediately.

Sometimes I live it out, and sometimes I don't. But you can rest assured that it is always in the back of my mind. I have thought about it for much of the two marathons I have run. I always think about it when doing a triathlon. Especially when the pain sets in after getting off the bike. I think about it when doing intervals at the track. It's constantly on my mind when making decisions for my children. And I want to pass it down to my children. I want them to have the same thing pulling at them when the urge hits to let up a bit, no matter what the challenge. Because there is no worse feeling than coming to the end of something, whether it be a sporting event, an academic assignment, a task at work, or even the end of someone's life, and having to face the fact that you did not put your best foot forward. Because opportunities pass. And you never know when the day will come that they will never come around your way again.


Rae said...

I think you'd have the same luck getting me up early to train. =) Don't get discouraged, maybe he's just not a morning bird, but I know you guys have sports, etc in the evening and mornings are just easier to train.

I'm sort of cursing myself for signing up for this 5K this morning, I could soooo be asleep.

Jennifer P said...

What a fantastic way of thinking. Thank you for this post.

qcmier said...

Well I'm sure one day he'll understand. And yeah maybe he's like me; always wanting to sleep in on the weekends.

Phil said...

I don't think you'll have any trouble passing down a strong work ethic to your children along with a passion to excel. All anyone needs to do is read your blog regularly to see that.

Joe said...

Great post. Great philosophy.