Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Necessary Evil

5:10 a.m.: Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! (Alarm)

SMACK!!!(My handing smacking the snooze button)

5:17 a.m.: Repeat…

5:24 a.m.: Repeat…

5:31 a.m.: J.T.: “Lana, get on up, and go swim. You know you’ll feel better afterwards.” (My husband’s politically correct way of saying ‘Please go swim – if you don’t you’re going to be an old grouch all day’)

Lana: “You’re right, I’m going.”

…15 minutes later, sitting on the side of the pool

Water: “Don’t look at me like that. I haven’t done anything to you.”

Lana: “Yeah, whatever. Are you gonna be nice to me like you were Monday or what?”

Water: “I’m the same every day. It’s you that has the problem. Don’t be blaming it on me.”

Lana: “Touche! Simmer down now. I’m here, ya know. Not in bed where I want to be. I’d just like to go away feeling somewhere between okay and good. Not discouraged.”

Water: “Well, sitting there staring at me isn’t doing you any good.”

I get in and start swimming. I don’t feel that great, and near then end of my 500 yd warmup Michele reminds me that my head is down too much. I fix it, and it feels much easier. Then I do 500 yds with fins, slowly, focusing on gliding and breathing every third stroke. Then 5 x 200s freestyle.

The first one – 3:50.

Lana: “Hmmm, that’s not bad. I probably can’t do it again, but not bad.”

Second one – 3:50.

“I’ll take it.”

Third one – 3:50 again.


Fourth one – 3:50.

“ more. Hold this pace once more.”

Fifth one – 3:45.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout,” getting out of the pool with no outward expression but jumping up and down on the inside.

Water: “Yeah, well, come and see me more often and maybe we can get a long a little better, huh?”

Lana: “Alright, maybe…but don’t even think we’re friends. Just because I had two pretty good days in a row doesn’t mean I feel any friend-like affection to you, dude. You are necessary to get me to the bike; therefore, I have to put up with you. Now…you start getting me to my bike in a position where I’m not chasing the rest of the pack the entire race, and we’ll talk about friendship.”

Water: “Like I said, come back and see me more often. Relationships take work, ya know.”

I won’t even go into why I was swimming this morning instead of swim class last night. I’m sure Michele will explain, so check her blog to find out. I’m supposed to do a 40 minute run today w/ a 30 minute time trial. Now I’m not so sure I have my heart monitor with me.

Baseball news:
Briar got a 2 RBI single last night! He plays (scrimmages) again tonight. No T-Ball practice for Bo until Friday.


Ellie said...

Whooo! What great, consistent times! Things are getting better!

(I also swim only to get me to the bike part....)

Joe said...

Wow! That's some very impressive pace-holding!

Michele said...

You looked great out there this morning. I can really see the improvement. Awesome job on the 500s

Benson said...

Holy aqua-woMAN! you and the water seem to be getting along swimmingly.