Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting Educated

I've been catching up on podcasts lately, and I'll tell ya, there's some good information out there. I think there's just something about hearing people actually say these things, even if you already know them. A week or so ago I was listening to one of latest "Get Your Geek On" podcasts, and Iron Will's Tri Life Lesson really gave me chill bumps. One of the things she said was something to the effect of "You must fail and fail again to trully appreciate success." I've probably butchered that up a bit from the way she put it, but it took me back to the Vegas Marathon and helped me make some peace. Maybe I didn't need to get a sub4 that time, ya know? So whatever, I'm cool with it. We'll try again another day, and it'll be probably be sweeter when it comes. I also got caught up SimplyStu's podcasts, and he really puts the whole "heart rate" and "base training" into perspective. I 've read about all that before and think, "Yeah, okay...whatever." But some of the stats he gave were extremely eye opening. At one point he talks about a certain pace where, according to his VO2 Max, he should be able to run 2 hours. Then they slow the pace down by around 15 seconds, and at the pace he should be able to run 4 hours. Stu was pretty amazed, and so was I. It's pretty easy to see how going out just a little too fast in the marathon can really screw you up. Anyways, check those podcasts out if you haven't already, they are good.

I did get my run in last night at the rec center. I ran on the track for 1 hour straight, and I totally lost count of my laps, so I have no idea how far I went. My Dad ran a mile with me, though, so that was fun. Afterwards, I did the 1k "easy swim" that was on my schedule in 20:31. Not too bad - I was pleased.

Then Bo and I slept in this morning (I don't work on Fridays), and we finally made it to the pool around 10:30. The only workout on the schedule today was this 3200 yard swim, consisting of:
WU: 400, then 4 x75 on 10" rest
MS: 4x400 on 30" rest
2x100 kick on 20" rest
10 x 50 on 10" rest
CD: 200
I finished the whole thing, so I was happy with that.


Neese said...

I will have to check out those podcasts sometime, great swim workout! :o)

Phil said...

Constantly training too fast doesn't do that much to build your endurance. Slowing down a little and running longer does wonders.

For running laps, I use a trick I learned from Dusty. If I need to run 24 laps, I put 12 rubber bands on my left wrist and transfer them to my right wrist every two laps. Works great.

Taconite Boy said...

Red neck....just read trimama's comments... ;)

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job on the swimming.

I use the podcast as my virtual coaches. Simply Stu is the best, the "slow training" to get fast finally made sense after his podcast.

Mal James said...

Agree lana
There are some great podcasts out there and simply stu is out there with the best for tri's , try downloading them for long runs where you can listen to someone talk to you without having to talk back.
I am at a point where I actually prefer podcasts to music
Train Strong

Lance Notstrong said...

Training slow and keeping your HR low is tough. Especially when the trails are crowded and people are passing you. But on race day, they get theirs!!! :-)

Papa Louie said...

I've been listening to those shows from the very beginning and enjoy getting educated.

Cliff said...


No work on Fri. lucky :o). It is amazing if you consider just by slowing down a few sec, your body can work for so much longer.

U know in every race, off the start, everyone just rush. On long distance (marathon etc.), this is extremely dangerous. I make sure I always take it easy off the start. The goal is to finish strong.

Btw, do you ever feel like hamster in the rat wheel when you run in the track? :)