Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Week 13 Update

Ok...I'm a little behind with the blogs. But this week has been going well. Better than last week, for sure. I rested Sunday after Saturday's long run. Monday, the plan called for 10 x 400s, target time: 1:43. I did them at the track, and felt good the whole time. I think 400 meters is my favorite interval distance. The plan said to take a 400m rest interval after each 400, but I thought that was an awful long rest interval so I jogged most of them instead of walking like normal. Here's the results:

1 mile warmup: 9:16
10 x 400m:
Cooldown jog to the car.

Tuesday I had a superdeeduper bike ride on my lunch break. It was about 20 miles in an hour and 7 minutes, and it was one of those where I thought I wouldn't make it at first, with the wind and stuff, but that turned into a great ride and a rewarding workout.

Then, this morning FIRST said to do an 8 mile tempo at marathon pace(9:00/mile). It rained all night and was still raining when I got up at 5:15 to run. I started to go ahead and run outside, and then decided to just go to the rec center and run in circles on the 1/12 of a mile track. It wasn't that bad, actually, I listend to Steve Runner talk about Exercise Addiction on my IPod and then Tracy ran the last 3 miles with me and we chatted the whole way. My final time was 1:13:00 - a 9:07 pace. I'll take it.

Thanks to all of you guys who have left encouraging comments on my blog lately. I was about to hit a tough spot in my training, but you guys helped me rise above that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And concerning my final 20 miler scheduled for this Friday - I say BRING IT ON!!!...and then let the taper begin...ahhhhhh


Joe said...

Nice 400 times. It looks like you got even stronger towards the end of the workout. I hope you enjoy your upcoming taper. I love the taper!

Michele said...

man, you rocked those 400's Congrats!!!

awesome job on the 8 miler this morning. When I saw you start this morning I knew I couldn't let you catch up with me.

Don't look too forward to a taper, I don't feel like it has started yet!!!! those 800 you have Monday are tough.

Lance Notstrong said...

That's what I'm screaming Lana......bring it on because I can't wait for the taper!!! :-)

Phil said...

Great 400 times. Nice and steady. You might want to try jogging a 200 between the 400s. This will give you time to get your HR undercontrol and be ready to blast out the next interval.

A 9:07/mi pace on an indoor track is particularly good. It's hard to stay focused and you are constantly turning. Unless the tracked is bank (and few are now-a-days) a fast tempo can be very tough on your knees.

Best of luck on your 20 this weeken.

trifrog said...

Wow - 8mi on an indoor track - that's dedication - and kinda smart. I've seen it written somewhere before that getting through some of those long rainy or winter workouts can be accomplished by starting or finishing on a treadmill (or indoor track). That way, neither portion feels like as much of a chore as doing the entire run in either single environment. I've done it by riding in cold rain and couldn't bring myself to do the run soaking wet too, so on the treadmill worked out fine.

Taconite Boy said...

Thanks for all your kind comments around Trimama's Ironman! By the way, nice job on the 400's!

Taryn said...

Hope you're 20 miler goes well! And hope you don't have to run it on that indoor track! ;)

Papa Louie said...

You are getting in some great workouts. I hope your 20 miler goes well for you. And like you say let the taper begin. You'll enjoy it.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

How the 20 miler go?? I'm sure you kicked it's ass.