Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There will be hard days...

...but if it wasn't hard...everyone would be doing it, right? Yes, that's right. Ok, so it's time that I had, what we southerners call "A Come to Jesus Meeting" with myself. AKA, a "Get your butt in gear" talk, or a "Put up or shut up" reminder.

Here's the deal. I've been struggling lately. Struggling with time management, struggling with motivation, struggling with my diet, and for the past couple of days, struggling with a fussy stomach. I've been taking shortcuts. I've been eating too much pizza and way too much ice cream, which has probably caused my stomach to shout the profanities I've been hearing. I've had my priorities out of line.

The good news is, I admit it. The first step to recovery is admission of the problem, right?

My name is Lana and I've been a lazy triathlete lately.

There. I said it.

I've been skipping cross training workouts. I've not been going to Yoga. I haven't been getting enough sleep. And I already mentioned the pizza and ice cream. So early Tuesday morning I awoke to terrible stomach problems, and I haven't felt well since. I didn't go to the pool or yoga Tuesday like I had planned. I haven't been on my bike in over a week.

I got up at 4:50 a.m. to meet Michele this morning for our 6 mile tempo run. I knew I didn't feel well, but I couldn't just not do the run. And let me tell you, it was HARD. I knew I was in trouble when the 1st "Easy" mile was hard. FIRST said I was to run Miles 2-5 @ 8:06/mi pace. I didn't get there, not even close. Those 4 tempo miles averaged 8:30/mi pace. I finished out the 6 miles in 54:09.

Let me remind you, I have an Olympic Distance Tri this weekend, The Music City Triathlon. And it's a tough, hilly course. I am not sure how that's going to work out. I am doing that in substitution of my first 20 miler in the FIRST plan. It's a little late to worry about it now, though.

So, back to getting myself in gear. I'm starting with 2 things: 1)Renewed Commitment, and 2)My diet. Lately, I have been settling for mediocrity. How ironic, because that is what I am constantly preaching to Briar not to do.


I am going to have to plan out my workouts better. After all, they don't just fall in to place - ever. And no more skipping cross training days, no matter what.

My diet - UGH. I so struggle with my diet. I am such an all or nothing person. I have got to regain control. I have to keep the toxins out of my body. It does not respond well, it does not perform well, and it does not look good, damnit when I consume them. Bottom line - just do it. I've just got to do it and know that I will be happier for it soon enough.

On that note, I'm going to find a healthy, low-fat lunch...wish me well.


Michele said...

thanks for running this morning. Even ill you pushed me.

Glad that you didn't say "I don't know if I will make Music City" again. I NEED you there. If you don't go, who will I laugh with while trying to squeeze myself into that wetsuit???

Hope you found that healthy lunch and are feeling better now!

trifrog said...

My brother taught me after years of studying time management, he learned that you can only spend it, not manage it.

Make sure your resolve is applied to a realistic plan and not the ideal scenario. Life is more dynamic than a couple pages of perfectly scheduled workouts.

But here's to trying to live a better life and experience all it has to offer. I look forward to discovering more through your blog.

Flatman said...

You are right...the first step is to acknowledge the problem.

Go here and watch:

That's what I do when I need motivation... :)

Good luck on your race this weekend.

Papa Louie said...

Finding the happy median is a challenge for all of us. Maybe replace pizza and ice cream with healthy choices in food and you'll get out of the funk. Have a great triathlon race this weekend. Enjoy.

Lance Notstrong said...

I'm the same way Lana, "all or nothing". The longer I go without ice cream or cake or whatever, the easier it is. Once I have some, I want it every night before I go to bed.

Alot of things say to "Reward" yourself with treats, I just can't do it.....all or nothing.

Cliff said...


ha i like that "A Come to Jesus Meeting" phrase..

As for pizza and ice cream.soemtimes u have to cheat yourself.

When i start to struggle with time amangement..motivation..i know something ain't right. This is usually mean putting too much stress on my body. Work, Church, family, training all leads to stress one way or the other...if u have to cheat..just savour it...u might as well enjoy it..that's what i always do :)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

oh we all have times that these. The important thing is that you've gotten yourself back on course.
I love that phrase "come to Jesus" meeting. I use it all the time.

Rae said...

You know we have come to Jesus meetings all the time here in TN! =)

Good luck this weekend! I know you guys will do great!

We all struggle with motivation, time and everything else. A rededication is the best way to start over!