Monday, September 11, 2006

Starting the week with intervals... always nice. After you're done, that is. I had the infamous war between my lazy self and my strong self this morning about going to the track. But alas, the strong self won in the end and carried my butt over to the track. FIRST said for week 4, Key Run #1, I was to do the following:

10 - 20 min warmup
5 x 1k @ 4:25 w/400m RI
10 min cooldown

To my delight, when I approached the track I noticed that the soccer goals, which were previously in my way, had been moved. I have my awesome dad to thank for that - he always takes care of me. So I took a sip of Gatorade Rain and got started. Here's the result:

1.53 mile warmup in 15:22
1k Interval: 4:40
400m RI: 3:59
1k Interval: 4:26
400m RI: 3:58
1k Interval: 4:36
400m RI: 4:33
1k Interval: 4:32
400m RI: 4:09
1k Inteval: 4:29
200m RI: 2:39
1 mile cooldown in 8:58

I didn't ever actually hit 4:25, although I got close with the 4:26. I'm not sure what went wrong here, but something did. I programmed what I thought was the correct pace into my Garmin last night, and I kept it within the "beeps" that alert me when I'm off pace. One thing that I'm concerned with is the way the track is marked at Westwood. I've never run 600's or 1000's, where I had to add an extra 200 there - and I found out it is marked different than the one I use at lunch time in the town next door. My Garmin actually said ".66" for each 1k I did, so perhaps the distance was off some? I don't know...but I felt good during each interval, and really could have pushed harder if I had known I was that far off pace. Nevertheless, Week 4's track session is in the books and done. That's all I need to know right now. Let's hope I can get through Wednesday's tempo run as smoothly as I did the intervals today.

On to I Run For The - we had an awesome time!! I haven't got the pictures off of J.T.'s camera yet, but I will hopefully have them tonight. Let me just say we had a blast and everyone did great. And to top it off, I think I have some friends who have caught the...yep, that's right....they've caught the running bug!!! Stay tuned for details soon...

On another note - I haven't seen a post from TriSaraTops yet - but IM Wisconsin results indicate that she battled her way through the horrible conditions and finished in 5:32:32!!!! Magnificant! How awesome...I can't wait to hear the story. And warm thoughts go out to IronWil who suffered from circumstances beyond her control and barely missed the halfway point cutoff in the marathon. I can't imagine how she feels, but I'm sure she'll bounce back and be stronger as usual.

And ofcourse, my prayers and thoughts go out to all families of 9/11 victims on this day. You guys know what real sacrifice is about.


Michele said...

I knew I should have called you last night to see if you were running at the track. Your times are MUCH bettter then mine. I could have used the extra push this morning, I was dragging.

Papa Louie said...

I have found after 12 weeks into the FIRST to the Finish marathon training program that the Track Interval workouts are the hardest to maintain the training pace. However I will not fret over any differences in times.

Papa Louie said...
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