Monday, September 25, 2006

Starting Week 6

To wrap up week 5 after Friday's long run, I did a 15 mile bike ride Saturday morning. It was a slower pace, but was against wind and up several hills, so it was enough. I was actually riding out to check out some land that is being auctioned off soon. I don't think J.T. is going to be convinced to buy or build in a subdivision, even if it's on a golf course, so I am in hot pursuit of a pretty piece of land. This one looks kind of nice actually - lots of oak trees, rolling hills, 10 acres. I think I can see my future house on it. Alot of those trees will have to be cleared though, so that there is ample room for baseball practice. How much does that cost?

And Sunday, Briar's fall baseball games were rained out, leaving me a perfect opportunity to ride with the group. "The Group" is whoever Tracy, Michele and Amy can round up on a Sunday afternoon. This time we had me, Michele, Tracy, Amy, Don Jr., David, and Julie - very nice!!! Our little town is going to grow accustomed to sharing the road with cyclists before they know it. As of now, they still react in the same way they do when seeing a deer on the side of the road....but it's getting better. Rome wasn't built in day. I am so cliche it's pathetic. Anyways, it was a nice ride. I love riding with people.

So, that leaves us with Monday morning. And FIRST brought me 2 x 1200 w/2min RI and 4 x 800 w/2min RI. Target for the 1200s was 5:28, and target for the 800s was 3:31.

Here's the splits:

1.77 mile warmup:19:26

2 x 1200m w/2min RI
1. 5:28
2. 5:31

4 x 800m w/2min RI
1. 3:38
2. 3:35
3. 3:32
4. 3:31

1 mile cooldown: 8:48

Not too bad. I like the negative splits on the 800s.


Papa Louie said...

Nice track workout!
Enjoy your 20 miler this weekend.

Cliff said...

those are good splits Lana. Keep at it.

Glad to see that your town is becoming more cyclist friendly :)

Phil said...

Lana .. thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments. You and your buddy Michele have some amazing workouts. You seem to glide from biking to running with apparent ease. Of course, your 18 miler this past Friday in adverse conditions just blew me out of the water.

Great job on the 800m repeats today. Your negative splits were awesome. Did you set out to run them this way or did you just keep pushing yourself harder? Also … I found it interesting that you termed your one mile run following 2x1200s + 4X800s near 3:30 a “cool down”. I’d be gasping closer to 9:30 following that workout.

Hope the rest of your week goes as well.

rice said...

If its good wood on the land someone might come pay you for it.. wellI'm not 100%how it works down there..



Michele said...

Thanks for pulling me around the track this morning. It feels GREAT to finally hit target.

Can you do it again Wednesday for the tempo?

Lance Notstrong said...

Group bike rides are MUCH better than riding alone :-)