Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Missing my Oly Tri Sunday, gorgeous weather, and better nutrition...

...make for a surprisingly easy, rockin'-n-rollin', OMG-IHITMYTARGET Tempo Run!!! I was SO dreading this run. I do not like the tempo runs because I can't seem to meet, or get anywhere near, FIRST’s tempo expectations of me thus far in the program. Last week I did the tempo with Michele and could barely finish the tempo miles...I couldn’t keep pace, and I couldn’t keep up with her either. I figured today would be a struggle as well, especially since I just did my intervals yesterday morning (I am trying to get my schedule back to where I can do my long run this Friday). I waited until lunch to do the run today, instead of getting up at 5 a.m., to give my legs a little extra time (about 19 hours) to get ready. And I also ate half a banana and half of a whole grain bagel this morning for breakfast. When I walked out of the office, I thought “Man, it’s cold! But I bet it feels good in a few minutes.” So I got changed, got the Garmin ready (I did NOT set up alerts this time) and took off. The first 2 miles were supposed to be easy, and I did them in 9:50 and 10:08. It was beautiful outside, there was a slight wind blowing against me, but I felt great as I picked up the pace. I was staying around 8:10/mile, and I knew the goal was 7:51. I picked it up a little more, clocked the first tempo mile at 8:02 and turned around to head the opposite direction. That’s 11 seconds too slow, but it’s a lot better than the last time I did an ST pace run. And to my surprise, I still felt strong. I knew I could do better, so I picked up the pace again. I now had the wind at my back, which was nice, and I just felt like I was really rocking this run and didn’t want to ruin it by being lazy. I kept singing “She’s rockin’ the tempo!” in the same tune that the Trailer Choir sings “She’s rockin’ the beer gut”. Side note – if you don’t know the Trailer Choir you seriously have to check them out…they play in some bars around here and other parts of the U.S., and they rock! Second tempo mile – 7:47

Am I seeing things?!?!? Did I just get UNDER the target of 7:51?!?!

I still felt good. My heart rate was up there pretty high but nothing else was complaining…so I kept the pace…kept turning over the legs…and kept telling myself how foolish it is to get so down on myself when I have a bad day or two – because the good days far make up for any bad days. I went over a couple of rolling hills without much of a pace change and realized that I was going to get the third mile under the target as well. Third tempo mile – 7:44

YESSSSS!!!! I love FIRST!!!

Yes, I know…I’ll probably be cursing the very likes of FIRST come Friday’s long run. But that’s okay…I know it’s making stronger. And faster. And more prepared for Las Vegas, baby!!!

I slowed it back down for the final mile which was supposed to be easy, and finished it in 9:50. A total of 6 miles in 53:24, average pace of 8:54/mile.

Now, since I never posted about my intervals which were done at 5:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, I will do so now. I did NOT want to get out of bed, but then I thought about that video that Flatman posted and heard “Rock nnnn Rolllll aaaaain’t noise polluuuution…” in an AC/DC kinda of voice and decided after a couple snooze buttons that I could get out of bed too. As I pulled up in the darkness and parked at the track, there was State Trooper parked there with his headlights shining straight toward the track.

Well good grief, what’s he doing here??? Oh well…I’m not doing anything wrong…I don’t have to jump the fence now that I have the combination to the lock…I guess if there’s an escaped convict out here or something he’ll let me know…

So I got out and walked on over to the track. I unlocked the gate with the combination my Dad got for me and proceeded to start my warm up. I was a little nervous that he might try to tell me I shouldn’t be there, but I just acted like I knew what I was doing and had every right to be doing it. After 3 of my warm up laps he pulled out and left. I don’t know what the deal was. It’s not everyday you have an audience at the track at 5:45 a.m.

FIRST said I was to make my second attempt at 3x1600m Intervals @7:16/mile w/1 min RI…with a 10-20 minute warmup and a 10 minute cooldown. Here are the results:

2 mile warmup: 9:59

3 x 1600m Intervals w/1 min RI:




I had to cut the cooldown short because I was out of time, and I had kinda sorta messed up my Garmin workout trying to get it stopped, so I just jogged a 400m and took it the house.

My interval times are not as good as when I did them in week 1, and I have a good explanation for that. In week 1 I had just gotten my Garmin and was letting it determine the distance on the track. That proved to be inaccurate as the 1st and 3rd intervals of that workout were really short of the true distance. I think Garmin has issues with the turns on the track. All that being said, I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t too disappointed with these times. I didn't feel all that great doing them, and was pretty spent by the time they were done.

And I think I have written enough for a single post.

Over and out.


Bridgette said...

How can you be disappointed with such a great workout?! I would give my left leg for fast times like that! OK, maybe not a leg, cause then I'd only be able to hop... maybe my bosses leg!

Michele said...

That is two great workout this week.
Hope we get to run together Friday. Maybe I can catch some of that awesomeness!
Congrats! Little miss speedy!

Flatman said...

Your running is on FIRE. You are going to be super-prepared for vegas!!!

Glad I could help get you out of bed. :)

Lance Notstrong said...

Interesting how on the 5th week of training everything is starting to fall into place. I thought it was just me. Maybe the body needs a good month to "snap to it" :-)

Rae said...

Great job!! Two great runs and it sounds like you guys had a great LR today. You're going to rock Vegas!! That's got to be an awesome medal!

rice said...

Hi. Could not find an email for you so I thought I would ask you from here. Any idea why I get kicked off my internet everytime I leave your blog Lana? Does anyone else get this??



Lana said...

Rice - I have no idea why. Maybe it's the video. Do you get the same thing with others who have video? I can remove it and see if that helps....I have been meaning to include my email in profile...I'll try to do that and also to take out the video this weekend. Sorry!!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Oooh, you are brave. I would've chickened out when I saw the trooper.