Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cross Training, Honey Grilled Salmon, and My Butt Hurts

Monday night, to celebrate the rec center being opened again (It's been closed for the past week for yearly maintenance) I decided to get back to my strength training. My legs and butt look down right gross lately. So while J.T. took Briar to baseball practice (GASP!! OMG, I'm missing Briar's baseball practice!!) I took my butt and legs to the gym. I started with abs on the incline bench - 30 straight up, 30 twisting, and 5 more straight for good measure. There's probably a technical term for all that, but oh well. Then I got the 7 lb dumbbells and did shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and back routine that I learned from Cindy's toninig class. Then I started work on my bottom half. First the hamstring machine - 4 sets of 20 at 45 lbs (I am terrified of bulking up...so I do plenty of reps), then the quad machine - 3 sets of 20 at 40 lbs...I think...can't really remember the lbs on that one. The the outer thigh machine - 3 sets of 30 at 70 lbs, and the inner thigh machine - 3 sets of 30 at 70 lbs. And...to finish up, a half lap of lunges on the 1/12 of a mile track. I usually do a full lap, but since I hadn't done them in a few weeks, I figured I'd just do a half lap to keep my butt from being so sore. WRONG!!! Inspite of stretching for 20 minutes last night, my butt still hurts!! BADLY!

But - Briar and I did manage to get back to the rec center this morning for a 2 mile jog (I do that solely for him, to keep him in good shape, because today is really a cross training day for me) and a swim. He wasn't about to brave the cold water in the pool, so while a swam a mile in 37:01, he bobbed around in the warm water therapy pool with the old people...hahaha. The swim was slow, but I felt pretty good near the end...I'm back to working on my recovery stroke like Coach Dan told me. Hopefully in a few days I can get J.T. to video me, so that Coach Dan can take a look and give me some more pointers.

While at work today, I got to thinking about Applebees' Honey Grilled Salmon...mmmmm....so I placed a "Carside To Go" order before getting on my bike. I did 14.68 miles in about 48 minutes...mostly flats and little rolling hills. It was tough with all the soreness from last night...but the thought of the Honey Grilled Salmon with rice and broccoli was enough to get me through.

Tomorrow is a 5 mile tempo - it will be tough - let's hope the sore muscles feel better soon. I think I'll go to Yoga tonight and try to stretch it all out again.

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Lance Notstrong said...

I ALWAYS get sore when I do lunges, not matter if I go light or low reps, I always get sore. I guess running and cycling just don't work those muscles.