Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Week 8 - Day 3: 7 Cold, Grueling Miles

I just barely made it through this one. I met Michele at the rec center at 5:00 a.m., and we took off in 26 degree weather for 7 miles. We finished 1:10:47 later frozen and tired...or atleast I was. It didn't sure didn't feel a 10min+/mile pace...but I guess it was. Whew...atleast the 7s are over with this week. That leaves a 5, a 4, and long run of 9. I guess I'll do the 5 tommorrow. By the way, I signed up for the Tom King half marathon on March 18th, and I signed Briar up for the Country Music Kids expect for me to be talking about his running!

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michele said...

Now all you have to do it book your room for the cm marathon and I won't have anything to nag about.

I was frozen this morning also, but thanks for pushing me. I would have never finish 7 miles at 5 am in the COLD. Our pace sucks but at least it is done! Bridge crossing is getting easier for me but when I die falling off one of them I am leaving it to you to tell my children about me!! Ronnie sure won't, he will have me replaced in a month!!!