Saturday, February 25, 2006

Week 11 - Day 6: 20 Miles!!

I might be motivated again. What an awesome run. For some reason that I'll never understand, Michele decided to run ANOTHER 20 miles today with me (she just ran her 20 Thursday with Tracy). We ran from the rec center to Interstate Dr., took a left and ran down by Batesville and Dwight's mother's house and back out onto Hwy 55. We ran out to and around WillowBrook, then back to town all the way through the Intersection and up to Honeycutt's Dentist Office (That was around 16 miles). We turned around and came back to town, ran down by Sage's house and got onto the greenway and ran back to the rec center and realized we still had a ways to go, so we kept going out by Rayfields, up by Eaton's, then up the hill to the Ada Wright Center. We ran through the ball park over to the greenway where the Babe Ruth field is, and back to the rec center again. We had to keep going a little ways towards Rayfields, then turned back and finished up a little past the door of the rec center. And the time was 3:14:08. I am very proud of that pace(9:42)! We didn't stop one time, and I felt fine pretty much for the entire run. I do think that taking it easier this week helped. And God once again blessed us great weather. Right around 60 degrees and very little wind.
For some odd reason, my GPS mysteriously turned off around mile 8. I didn't notice it for about a half mile, so we had to depend on Michele's. Here's did fine, though, although she was concerned about the battery. I turned mine back on and it was fine...just a half mile behind. But I am concerned about that happening.
I have to give credit to my parents for helping me out today - J.T. had a 3pm appraisal, and Bo had a 2pm birthday party, and the only way I could get this run in today was to start at 2:30, after Briar's b-ball game. So my parents graciously took the boys after Briar's game and let them hang with them. Daddy took Bo to the birthday party and Momma hung out with Briar and cooked us all dinner. Thanks Momma and Daddy!!! I love you both!

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