Thursday, February 16, 2006

Week 10 - Day 4: I can breath again

Ahhh....65 degrees....I can breath again!! What a nice day God has given us right here in the thick of winter. I didn't make it out at 5 am this morning. So I packed up SHORTS and took them to work. I ran 5 miles during my lunch break outside. It was windy, but I didn't mind. The sun and the warmth made up for any discomfort the wind was causing. I certainly am looking forward to spring. I shoulda been on my bike today. It's a shame to let a day like this go by with out riding. There may not be another one for a month. BUT...something is broken on my rear skewer (I left it sitting on the computer desk after putting my bike on the trainer - mistake) so I'm almost afraid to get on the bike before I buy a new one.
Anyways, I am running 10 miles in the morning, then we are leaving for North Carolina. Let's pray no one gets hurt on the slopes.

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Michele said...

So did you RIDE the bike on the trainer or just put it on there when you set it up?