Monday, January 16, 2006

Week 6 - Day 1: 6 miles after 3 days rest

Ok...first off, the boys and I spent the weekend in Atlanta with Holly...we had so much fun...we shopped and shopped, went to the new Georgia Aquariam, then shopped and shopped some more. Briar climbed the rock wall at the 3 story Dick's Sporting Goods. That place was awesome. I could have spent 3 days in there alone. Anyways, all that being said, there was no running or cardiovascular activity at all, except for the fast walk while trying to cover all the stores before the malls closed. So this is the first time since training started that I have gone 3 days with nothing.
On top of that, I didn't look at my training schedule last night, so I didn't realize that the 6 milers have now turned into 7 milers..haha. I didn't want to run my hills today, so I ran 6 on the treadmill in 55:11. I guess I should have run 7, but oh well. If it's not raining in the morning, I may do my hills. If it is raining, I'll probably run 7 indoors.

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