Monday, January 02, 2006

Week 4 - Day 1: 3 miles and some swimming

I got mixed up today. For some reason I was thinking that the schedule said to run 3 miles...but when I got to the rec center I found out (from Tracy and Michele) that it was suppose to be 5 miles of I just went ahead and did my 3 miles, and I plan to do the fartlek tommorrow. I also got into the pool, but just for a little bit. I swam 500 meters and ran out of time. I ran out of time because I was lazy this morning and didn't make to the treadmill till 6 A.M. I am disappointed in myself for that, and I have got to do better. If plan to do any kind of brick training I have got to be at the rec center by 5 A.M. to give myself enough time. Hopefully I'll have a better report I plan to run the 5 miles of fartlek and then try the swimming again with hopefully more time.

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